IT application for the department for origin of goods of the Serbian customs administration


Project Description

Understanding and reviewing business process, creation of the future model and development, deployment and set-up the IT application and related database on behalf of the Department for Origin of Goods of the Serbian Customs Administration.

The IT application contains two electronic services for the business community enabling:

  • On-line submission of the request for issuing binding information on origin of goods;
  • On-line submission of the application for verification of knowledge of rules of origin the for purpose of acquiring the authorized exporter status;

The IT application is web application, based on service-oriented architecture (SOA), interoperable with the Customs Administration core Information System. It is easy to be used by both, the Customs Administration and the business community, able to store and process electronically all information related to the verification of origin of goods and issuing binding on origin of goods, as well as to process applications for verification of knowledge of rules of origin the for the purpose of acquiring the authorized exporter status. The IT application also contains 2 comprehensive registries: the Register of Authorized Exporters and the Register of Stamps used for verification of proofs of origin. New IT application also enables efficient generation of documents, reports and statistics.

The implementation phase of the project was from September 2018 till March 2019, and then Maintenance was provided till March 2020.

Project Details

  • LocationSerbia
  • Main Contractor/ PartnerCustoms Administration of Serbia
  • TimelineSeptember 2018 – March 2019
  • StatusFinished