Upgrade of the Registry of Administrative Procedures and the Public Portal


Project Description

Objective of the project is to provide support to upgrade existing IT systems of the:

  • Registry of Administrative Procedures (RAP) – Software for collection and management of administrative procedures (AP)
  • Public Portal – informative Portal of administrative procedures for public users.

Upgraded RAP will enable public servants from Province administration and from local municipalities to enter the data in the lifecycle of creating, updating, legal changes updating, and archiving of: Business-related AP, Citizens related AP, Administrative Requests.

Upgraded Public Portal will present to visitors the data from the AP related to Businesses and Citizens, as well as from the Administrative Requests. It will also enable public visibility of the data from RAP for Republic, Province, and Local municipalities level.

Long term objective is enabling full implementation of the Law on the Registry of Administrative Procedures, and further simplification of the administration system with unified rules and standards and clear roles and responsibilities.

Project Details

  • LocationSerbia
  • Main Contractor/ PartnerPublic Policy Secretariat of Serbia
  • TimelineDecember 2021 – November 2022
  • StatusFinished